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34. Nicolas Wayne [[PCR]:FLOM:]   (01.05.2014 03:44)
Hello MICLO. How are you? For join to our team you need register on this site. Pls find block MINI-PROFILE, next click JOIN TO ID. And next pls register smile

33. MICLO   (01.05.2014 03:35) E-mail
biggrin cool

32. MICLO   (01.05.2014 03:28) E-mail
Hey, want to join PCR.......how??

31. Ghost Coins [Blimey]   (24.02.2014 22:31) E-mail
This clan is abusive towards its players, I got permanently banned because Malo called me a noob, then continuously said that I insulted him first, Pitbull said that I'm noone - referring to (Jews being to a Nazi), they kicked me multiple times, they didn't reason why, multiple members offended me. I have the chat logs of this.

30. Nicolas Wayne [[PCR]:FLOM:]   (27.01.2014 18:32)
Hello ChainReaction! Good. What is your nick in Graw2 and how long time you play in this game?

29. ChainReaction   (26.01.2014 01:27) E-mail
hi all PCR I would like to join

28. Nicolas Wayne [[PCR]:FLOM:]   (17.12.2013 13:57)
Hello William! What's your nick in game? And for join in our team you need register on this website. And after register tell here about this. And I will say what you need do next.

27. Сержио   (13.11.2013 11:07) E-mail
Колян не могу скачать игру , помоги .

26. Malo Johnson [[PCR]:MALO:]   (04.09.2013 23:09)
I will tell flom to email you the form

25. SPETSIALNAYA   (04.09.2013 22:57) E-mail
Hey all trying to register on here - not sure what line to click to get to registration page. HELP !!! cool

24. Javier Berrocal   (23.08.2013 20:01)
Обычно как "PapaRabioso" а раньше как "Javichu".

23. Nicolas Wayne [[PCR]:FLOM:]   (20.08.2013 05:54)
Привет Javier Berrocal! Конечно увидимся, привет из России  smile Под каким ником играешь?

22. Javier Berrocal   (19.08.2013 23:59)
Привет из Испании ,,, немножко говорю по русски .... Увидимся в игре

21. Nicolas Wayne [[PCR]:FLOM:]   (06.08.2013 20:32)

20. Сергей [[PCR]:Piton:]   (06.08.2013 20:27) E-mail
флом я зарегистрировался

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